Is there anything better than getting out in the great outdoors? There's the smell of the fresh air reconnecting you with nature. The sound of your feet hitting the grass encourages you to keep pushing yourself further up the trail. When you least expect it, you can see all kinds of beautiful scenery in nature. Whether it’s camping, hiking or just exploring, what do you dislike about going out?


During this National Day holiday, I went camping with my good friend Hide. This time camping was unforgettable; we found a lot of happiness during the camping.


This time we went to camp in a very popular campground recently. The campsite has basic tents, carts, tables, chairs and other items for you, so we don’t need to bring a lot of things, just bring some camping essentials. We bring food, gas tank, cookware set, some cook utensils, Cassette gas stove and condiments etc...


We arrived at the campsite on the afternoon. But we didn’t have the lunch. So we start cooked immediately after put our equipment. 

Our lunch is sausage with mushrooms and fried eggs. They are all very delicious.

The Bread, juice and fruits are for our afternoon tea. Let us spend a nice afternoon!

And there are some pictures about campsite:

What made us most happy was that we saw a beautiful sunset. I took a picture:

These two are campers in the tent next to us. The picture is so beautiful, so I took this picture.


The campsite at night is also beautiful, the lights on the tent make this night more beautiful.


What is the most important thing after a good night?

Definitely watch the sunrise!


We wake up very early and wait for the sunrise. Then I took a beautiful sunrise photo:

You can't imagine how beautiful nature is.

After having this experience again, I think camping will really become one of my hobbies.