I start to paste the vinyl wrap on seat stay today.

Because there are two seat stays, I divided it into two parts for pasting.

It’s very difficult to paste the seat stay film; I spent a lot of time on it.


In the end, I finished the remaining part of head tube and the chain stay. These two parts are difficult to paste the vinyl wrap, you need to be patient. You can divide it into multiple parts and paste them separately.

Note 2There will definitely be a splicing interface when applying the film, it would be better to put the splicing interface on the inside of the bicycle. This is more beautiful. If there is curling and warping, you can use a hot air blower then close warping again, or cut off the excess part of the warping.


After I finished all the films on the frame, I found that there was still more vinyl wrap. So I cut some shapes of vinyl wrap by myself. I decided to use these on bicycle wheels and cranks.


Here I used a Three knife integrated wheel to replace the original spoke wheel.


Comparing the two wheels, the knife wheel can deal with the wind from the front and the side very well which makes lower resistance than the normal spoke wheel.

Of course, the knife wheel also looks better than the spoke wheel.


I bought the three-knife wheel separately, Benerock do not sell it.


 The final finished picture looks like this:

Although I did not do it particularly well, I am already satisfied. After all, I did this for the first time, and I was full of accomplishment after I did it.