When I received are the package, I decided to modify the E-bike.
I am modifying a bicycle for the first time so the speed may be slower.
I used Belt driving system to instead of chain driving system.
Something you need know about Belt driving system:
The reason why I choose the belt drive to instead of chain drive is maintenance. If you use the belt instead of chain, you don’t need to add lubricating oil and no worry about getting dirty. One more reason is belt drive will be quieter than chain drive.
I first removed some parts of the bike. This is more convenient for doing vinyl wrap. Before paste vinyl wrap on the bike, you need to clean the bicycle frame first. If there is dust, it will affect the effect of the film. After the cleaning is complete, measure the size of the frame and cut out a suitable size vinyl film, and then you can start to paste the film. Because it’s the first time that I paste a film, I stick it slowly and cautiously. I started to paste the film from the bicycle down tube. After sticking the film, it looks like the picture shows:
Next, I start to paste the vinyl wrap on the head tube of Bicycle. Because I’m a novice, I split the head tube into two parts to paste the vinyl wrap. I finished the upper part first, and decided to use a different color for the lower part. The lower part is going to be pasted later.
Note 1: Don't panic when air are appeared in the vinyl wrap during the filming process. You can squeeze out the air in the film with your hands or tools. Tightening the film when paste it can reduce the occurrence of such kind of situation!