In August 2021, I bought the Shock E-bike on Benerock; I love it as soon as I see it. I used to ride a fixed gear bike, so I really like the style of Shock E-bike. After comparing with other similar styles on the Internet, this one is the most cost-effective. Although its motor is only 250W, it is enough for urban cycling. Only one thing I think is not enough is that the body of the Shock E-bike is too monotonous. But this doesn’t bother me; I will modify this E-bike to make it looking better.

 This picture show some features about this E-bike

SHOCK Ebike Lit-Quick




The inspiration for modification and filming the bike is from some video I saw on Youtube. When I first saw see this video, I was fascinated. They modified a basic bicycle model into a very advanced look. After watching these videos, I also decided to modify my bike to make it look better. Before that, I bought some spare parts needed for modification.



Day 1

I have bought something needed on Benerock.

  1. Handle bar tapes (Increase the friction between the hand and the handlebar, and can play a role in damping and protecting the palm)
  2. Vinyl wrap (Using vinyl wrap on the bicycle can not only change the color, but also protect the frame)
  3. Belt drives (only suits for lit-quick) instead of chain drive for the E-bike (1. The belt does not need to be lubricated like a chain, so it will be much cleaner than a traditional chain 2. Ride lighter than a chain)

Shortcomings: The belt drive system does not have multiple colors to choose, only black. But I don’t think it’s a problem. Because riding comfort is the most important thing for me


These products all bought on Benerock.

When the commodity arrived, I will start to modify the E- bike, please look forward to how I modified it.