I am a fan of motorcycle camping. For me, motorcycles are an inseparable part of life. In my opinion, nothing is more comfortable than riding a motorcycle to camp.

As soon as the holidays come, I can't wait to go outdoors to find a good place to camp. At a speed of seventy or eighty miles, driving on the country road, feeling the breeze blowing, and admiring the surrounding scenery.

Today I went to the shore of a lake where the scenery is very good, the stream is gurgling, the scenery is beautiful. The most important thing is that the car cannot reach and few people go there which is why I like to go here.

You don't need to bring much, a portable chair and a table. You can sit there, drink coffee and have some snacks. Enjoy your good afternoon.

If you want to spend the night outdoors. One person,  a motorcycle and a tent are enough. Camping in a beautiful place, free and quiet, this is my favorite way to relax.