In the past, people lit bonfires and set up tents, just to keep warm and live in the wilderness.

Now, we are in the city and choose a place to camp, just want to go to nature and release our stress in nature.

Outdoor sports are like an elastic bond, one end is the step-by-step trajectory of daily life, and the other end is connected to the sometimes uncontrollable deep wildness in our hearts.

A clear sky, a lawn, a tent, cooking with a bonfire, sitting and laughing with friends. More and more camping pictures are posted on social media, camping is becoming a trendy way of outdoor leisure.

Before 2020, Chinese camping is still in a relatively "wild" stage. It is the only choice for hiking enthusiasts to spend the night in the wild. The camping experience is also closely related to "abuse" and "uncomfortable".

After the outbreak of COVID-19, more and more people began to explore new travel modes that can meet the needs of getting close to nature without traveling far. From "moving-style picnic" to "moving-style camping", people have gradually found their favorite way-
“Glamping” in more than a year.

Different from traditional camping,the gamping is more focus on comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Come to the edge of the city and find a meadow in the mountains, a forest by the lake, a beach by the sea, or a desert under the starry sky.

First set up tents and canopies , then put wooden tables and chairs, portable ovens, ceramic dinner plates, checkered tablecloths, hang bohemian-style handmade tapestries, and then put a few artistic cushions . As night falls, retro kerosene lamps and warm string lights gradually light up, becoming the brightness in the dark.

In the short weekend, build a dream utopia for yourself, and enjoy the freedom and wonderful feeling of freely wandering between modern convenience and natural wildness.

For more than a hundred years, the activity of camping has never declined. The small tent carries the desire for close contact between people and nature, and also supports our constant yearning for a better life.

Are you excited about a free and easy camping?