Summer is the most popular camping season, so how to stay cool when camping in summer?


9 advice for stay cool when Summer Camping

  • Pack the tent during the day
  • Trap
  • The use of wind
  • Open the outer layer of the tent
  • Choose a tent with a large area of gauze
  • HammockCamping
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Light-colored clothing
  • Cold water bags


Pack your tent during the day

Walking into a tent that has been in the sun all day is like walking into a sauna, as the tent absorbs and stores heat, increasing the temperature inside the tent.

So put away the tent during the day and put it up when the sun goes down.


There are two benefits to doing this:

1. keep the tent cool

Reduce the damage to the fabric caused by direct sunlight and prolong the service life of the tent.


2. Use of shade

Pitching a tent in the shade is also a great way to stay cool while camping. The trees will replace the tent, absorbing most of the heat and making the tent cooler.

 A campground that can cover your tent in shade from every angle is perfect, even during the day you don't need to pack your tent.



Trap is one of the best for staying cool while camping. It will reflect sunlight into the sky, keeping the tent cool.

 Note: The trap needs to be set up above the tent, and at least 30 cm away from the tent to keep the air flowing between the two, this kind of shading effect is the best.

 A reflective trap can be used, or a trap can be used to hold the tent above the tent with drawstrings and trees.


The use of wind

 Use the wind to stay cool while camping in the summer. Tents with large mesh doors and windows allow wind to pass through and cool easily.

 Therefore, when setting up a tent, first determine the wind direction, and then face the tent door to the wind.


Tip for determining the wind direction: Wet your fingers and hold up, the cooler side indicates the wind direction.



Open the outer layer of the tent

After sleeping at night, the heat, moisture and moisture generated by the human body will float upward and condense on the inner wall of the outer tent, making the tent hot.


So if it's sunny and it's not raining, you can open the tent cover to release the heat. But also don't completely remove the outer layer in case it rains unexpectedly.





Choose a tent with a large area of gauze

The tent's fine gauze mesh keeps insects out while allowing breezes to pass through, giving you the best of both worlds. So it is advantageous to choose such a tent when camping in summer.



Hammock Camping


If you have a hammock to sleep in, try hammock camping in the summer to allow for air circulation and great views.


Note: Please make sure that your hammock is suitable for long sleep, not an ordinary leisure hammock; build a waterproof tarpaulin above the hammock to prevent dew and heavy rain; set up anti-mosquito gauze around the hammock to avoid mosquito bites.


Drink plenty of water

Water is a good coolant and has a high specific heat capacity. For the same mass of material, water absorbs more heat by 1 degree, so keeping your body well hydrated while camping is a good way to stay cool.



Light-colored clothing

Light-colored clothing reflects sunlight, while dark clothing absorbs it, so choose to wear light-colored and quick-drying clothing when camping, loose and breathable, and covers more of the skin, while applying sunscreen to keep your body cool.



Cold water bags

Bring a few extra bottles of frozen water and put them in the bottom of the sleeping bag at night (packed in a waterproof bag to moisten the sleeping bag with water vapor) to cool your body and make it easier to fall asleep.

It can also be used in place of frozen water if a cool stream or a cooler tap water source is nearby.

Hope these tips will work for you. Have a happy camping!!