I have done a second filming these days. After having the first filming experience, I realized that the color combination is important. The color of the bicycle film that I pasted for the first time is a little bit mismatched. During paste vinyl wrap this time, I choose a similar color with my handlebar wrap. I also gained some new understanding in the process of sticking the film.
The photo show the vinyl wrap:
Tips: When cutting the appropriate size of the film, it is best to be about 3cm larger than the measured size, so that you can better adjust it.
This is my second time sticking the film. With the first experience, I paste it much faster than the first time. It took only one day to finish it. I ride the e-bike on the second day; many passersby think bicycles are good and ask me where to buy bicycles and vinyl.
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Day 1:
Firstly, Tear off the previous bicycle film and wipe the frame part again without any glue residue. After finish these steps you could stick the new film.
Then, I paste the film on top tube first. You can see the effect after I paste the top tube in the picture.
After that, I paste the head tube and down tube. 
(Note: If there any bubbles remain in the film. You can squeeze out the air in the film with your hands or tools. Tightening the film when paste it can reduce the occurrence of this situation!)
Soon after, I start paste the Seat tube and seat stay.
Tips: Reasonable use of your hot air blower, this can help you better stick the film, the heated film can have a better fit with the frame.
After finish the seat tube and seat stay. I begin to paste the chain stay.
(Noted: It is more difficult to stick the seat stay and chain stay, you need to be patient and stick slowly. It can be divided into multiple sections to paste, because it’s more difficult to paste in one time.)
The last section is the Fork:
I divided two sections to paste the fork because the radian of my e-bikes’ fork is quite bigger. It’s very difficult to paste in one time.
Generally speaking, the chain stays of the frame; the front fork and the paint surface of the chain stay of the driving are the parts that are more susceptible to damage. This is the place where the frame protect film must be attached.
I install the handlebar after I finish sticking the bike frame. How about it? The similar color looks more comfortable right?