I recently bought the Benerock Shepherd Dome Tent.

The reason why I bought this tent is the tents I bought before are very small. And the functions of the previous tents are also very simple.Basically you can only sleep in the tent .

But this dome tent is not the same as before. 

Its dimensions are 390x390x200cm/12.7*12.7*6.5Ft. 

Weight only 13Kg / 29Lbs

The camping tents fits for 5-8 people in sleeping bag (Use it without installing an inner tent)or 2 people with lots of camping gears(Use it with installing an inner tent). Perfect for my outdoor needs.




You can see this photo below, the one on the far right is the tent I bought. 


The other two tents of my friends are a tunnel tent and a cotton tent. Compared with my dome tent.

Cotton tents don't provide good sun protection because there is no sun protection coating on the tent. And it is easier to get dirty, and it is more troublesome to clean up. 

Tunnel tent has good sun protection , but bulky and heavy. It takes a long time to set up. The most important point is that it is very expensive. 

All of my friends love dome tent When they saw it and they especially love the design of the tent 360 degree view top. Their tents don't have this function.





This camping tents equipped with  a set of top aluminum poles,  3 flexible aluminum poles to save time and make a reliable open-air shelter. 18 metal stakes, 6 wind ropes which can still keep the tent stable even in the harsh weather. The package also include a ground mat and inner tent. 

And this tent is easy to set up, two people only need 5 minutes to complete.

The outer tent is made of a layer of 210T silver coated rip-stop polyester and a layer of 70D nylon, which makes the tent have excellent UV resistance and 3000MM waterproof.  Of course, it is also wind resistant.




The silver coating on the inside of the tent helps your tent to be better waterproof and sun protection.

Do not worry about the sun and rain anymore!



The tent has a total of six openings for easy entrance or out. The side mesh windows allow you to breathe fresh air and enjoy the view while sitting in the camping tent. It not only protects you from mosquitoes but also keep your privacy. The top mesh window brings your tent fresh air even in sweltering weather.

Unique top design: remove the top cover, you can watch the stars and moon in the tent. Install the top cover, no fear of rain.




 The bottom of the outer tent is designed with a Snow Flap.

In snowy days, the snow flap can be buried in the snow, increasing the stability of the tent and preventing heat loss inside the tent.

When it is raining or windy, if the snow skirt is spread out, the rainwater will flow out. Tent interior will not be flooded and the cold wind will not be blew into it.




A tent with a chimney opening, which means you can cook in the tent. You can also use a tent stove to keep a fire inside your tent for warmth in the cold winter.



After the dome tent covered with ground mat and hung with inner tent, the internal structure of the tent becomes one room and one living room. You can sit on chair and drink a cup of  coffee in the living room. When you feel sleepy, you can go to sleep in the bedroom. It is perfect for your camping.




My hobby is to go outdoors and enjoy the happiness that nature brings to me. I will also use the camera to record these beautiful scenery.


Here are some pictures I took while camping and hope you will  like it.

Purchase Link:https://www.benerock.com/collections/black-glamping-gears/products/outdoor-shepherd-dome-tent